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Professional large format lenticular manufacturer
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  • Zhuote 3D,founded in 1994,is the professional large format lenticular sheets manufacurer.We manufacture lenticular sheet made of GPPS,acrylic resins.LPI (Lens Per Inch) of the large format lenticular sheet range from 18LPI up to 42 LPI. We also provide in-house inkjet and flatbed printing service.Large format lenticular poster will be a positi···

  • Company aim:Beautify the life and make 3D products popular with families.Service concept:Expand the market with high-tech products and dedicate to serve the public.The tootal goals:Company has been committed to creating a one-stop purchasing service platform,and provide related technical support.

18Lpi,20Lpi,25Lpi,32Lpi,42Lpi for UV flatbed printer or inkjet printer,Lentiuclar printing service.
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